Speaking Opportunities

"NAIOP members have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions and seminars on cutting-edge issues. As a new NAIOP member, I had the privilege of moderating a panel focusing on Solar/Renewable Energy Systems during a NAIOP Energy Series Seminar in October. The seminar provided me with a platform to connect with more than 150 industry professionals. The seminar was a huge success, which resulted in my retention by numerous attendees seeking guidance in various aspects of Renewable Energy projects, and put me in contact with many industry professionals who have proven instrumental in the development of my practice."   - Stephen A. Kisker, Esq.

With more than a dozen programs each year, NAIOP New Jersey is always looking for expert speakers who can add value to our events.

Our Programs & Education  Committee meets regularly to evaluate program ideas and recommend speakers. We often look to our diverse membership for expert speakers, so let us know if you are a qualified speaker on topics of interest to the commercial, industrial and logistics sectors. Topics have included:

  • Next Generation Incentives
  • C-Suite Perspective on How HR is Driving Real Estate Decisions
  • Dinosaurs or Diamonds: Reimagining NJ's Suburban Office Spaces
  • Surfing Waves of Change: The CEO Perspective
  • Re-Energize Your Buildings!
  • Preparing for Post-Panamax Prosperity
  • I.con The Industrial Conference

Continuing Education Program Instructors Wanted

If you are a certified instructor, please contact Programs and Education Manager Ayisha Miles so that we may keep you in mind for future programs.

If you are interested in becoming certified, NAIOP NJ may be able to help. Contact Jennifer for more information (732-729-9900). Learn more about continuing education programs

If you would like to find out more about general speaking opportunities, please contact Ayisha Miles (732-729-9900). We will want to know what topics you can speak on with expertise and what groups you have spoken to previously.

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